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Fog Rolls In

by Homemade Empire

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Just another strange day or is the swords finally coming down? The earth will shake until in breaks our resolve The earth will shake until we sing it's praise I get caught up in the news What is the use of counting dead bodies I don't know why we even bother Once I fell overboard into a very cold lake I couldn't swim due to heavy winter clothes I spent minutes down there overwhelmed by the size of hope After a while the universe decided to send me home for dry clothes I might think I lived through this, but it's all made up I'm still here, not there There's no last moment, no resolve Not ever, at least not always I won't like it, but the sword might come down If we stay awake, we stay alive
There is an emptiness outside of these walls There is an emptiness outside of these walls There is an emptiness outside of these walls In night time we start to see some truths In many ways the city's restlessness is the same as mine, as I fall asleep I climbed down in present evil times I had been waiting for so long for my mind to give up on ghosts and my eyes to finally close, but they refused In my mind the city is a true wilderness Neighbours and traffic, streets flooded with concrete grey faces caught between tall buildings with a concrete grey allure band a long string of brightly lit stores Once outside everything works as planned Everything's convenient and secure, which makes our loneliness even more profound, at least that is what I found Even though my downstairs neighbour waves hi everyday, I won't stay here
Graves are never far away In all the time that remains I'll still look for the same things Of everything I had hoped to find Youth, Eternal life, dead friends and world peace have stayed lost All these transcendental pursuits made me disconnect from earth No catharsis, no tragedy How long can I float here, clinging to dead bodies 24/7 propaganda updates left me absolutely out of phase Inaudible, indecipherable How land can I sit and read before I succumb to emptiness? In life we all have our chores, but we hardly know what for What else can we do? Keep going and push through
They took no clue when nothing else compared They turned it into a version of a version of the truth No honest mistakes were made when there's so much to gain How could all these people have been so blind? And what is our response now we know? First Trees were cut Then houses built A power grid, wifi, and water, clean water And Parking spots for all our neighbours A powder keg Soap and water wash away gun powder while water's vapours cloak the city in some truths Fog rolls in Fog rolls in We breath through it We see nothing, nothing at all We see nothing, nothing at all We know nothing, nothing at all
For decades our economic growth always involved burning massive stores of fossil fuels The fumes are problematic, but their energy we still need to build factories, to plan modern cities and to increase our living standards until we die Bankers will run for their shiny spaceships They will colonise the moon and set up shop there You're checking your phone for updates And I'm still debating if this song needs another guitar riff On our last day on earth And I watched towering columns of black smoke dotting the horizon We carefully lit a bonfire with wood from the garden and we threw in all the fireworks I had saved from New Year's eve It's a shame I didn't keep it for the last day on earth
Three Swords 10:15
In the dark sky constellations rise In the dark sky recon satellites orbit by You stand on the side of the road like the world's police I see your sword, but where is your shield, where re your friends? The dog detects the scent of a cat he smelled a thousand times before All house are dark and everyone is off to bed The dog heads back home and you follow Domesticated and loyal We came, we saw, he died, the sword We came, we saw, he died, the sword We came, we saw, he died, the sword As soon as I entered the woods sword bites echo back at me Far off someone is chopping wood, but not for building a fire but to make space for an airstrip Renditions and secret missions The sun is gone, but we don't light the fireplace until it gets really cold The sun is gone, but we don't light the fireplace until it gets really cold When I reached the clearing I found three swords stuck in the ground I looked up and stared at the stars For a long time I wondered if orbiting satellites float or fly
Whatever clouds may darken the horizon There is an imagined country behind it Right there for the taking, just right for saving We don't bow the neck We don't bend the knee But who are we when we ask others to bow the neck, to bend the knee We don't have the right to silence the cacophony We went out grave robbing and clouds should have shrouded the moon Nature lovers and the marking of two beasts holding the heart of Frisbee September Between society and actuality there is a grave abyss, but what has been disappeared in fact still exists The abyss that opened up with emptiness pouring out must be answered and closed with a new safe space We need each and everyone to engage, to navigate around our own ghosts even though it seems like they're everywhere we look


released April 9, 2021

Homemade Empire is Bart de Kroon with Bram Nigten playing drums

Mastering by John Golden

Artwork in collaboration with Marc ter Horst

Created in dialogue with with Jeremiah Day's work and inspired by our travels together.

Released as SR098 by Niek Hofstetter and Koen ter Heegde on Subroutine Records




Homemade Empire Netherlands

Songs assembled by Bart de Kroon.

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